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Publications/Conference Presentations:

Public Appearances/Talks:

  • Special Lecture at London College of Communication February 2017 to MA Games Design students.
    • Speaking about my research/PhD (emotions in video games).
  • VideoBrains, January 2017: Let’s Play Mums and Dads
    • On the representation of parenthood in video games.
  • One Life Left radio show/podcast as a ‘Super Special Guest’ November 2016: Listen/Download here
  • One Life Left radio show/podcast as a ‘Super Special Guest’ December 2015: Listen/Download here
  • Indie Games Conference, London (March 2015): Watch on YouTube
    • ‘Open Your Heart: Thinking about Emotions in Games’
  • Ex-Play 2013, Bath: Panelist
    • Entertainment vs. Education: Where’s the sweet spot for learning games?



  • Conference Associate:
    • Games Horizon (2013-2014)
    • Free 2 Play Summit (2012 – 2014)
    • Brighton Develop (2011-2012)
    • London Evolve (2011 – 2012)
    • Liverpool Develop (2011)




Supermassive Games Logo

  • Supermassive Games as a Level Designer on Until Dawn and Artist on Killzone Shadow Fall.
    Experience with: Maya, Perforce, triple-A in-house 3D engine (Killzone 3/4 Engine) and associated tools.
    • Until Dawn Level Designer duties included:
      • Visual scripting of gameplay logic
      • Implementing and refining and blending interactive animated sequences
      • Streaming design and implementation
      • Dialogue implementation
      • Writing technical documentation for features of the engine and produces maps to support other members of the team.
      • Crafting narrative design with the Cinematic Producer and Lead Designer
      • Waypointing and directing AI movement
      • Testing/QA
    • Killzone Shadow Fall Artist Duties:
      • Selecting/arranging/combining 3D assets in world (level dressing)
      • Creating 3D geometry for level structure/outline
      • Co-ordination with other members of team and lead artists for visual continuity for sections I worked on.




A simple and abstract game about depression.

You can play it on Kongregate here, and see what I wrote about it here.


Voice of God

Complete game made for the mini-Ludum Dare game jam in January 2014. Made in under 48 hours using Twine.

Theme was ‘any combination of deceit, conspiracy, facade and scheme’. I chose to run with deceit, and then wrote this game about self-deceit.

Ludum Dare page with feedback can be found here.

DIRECT LINK TO GAME HERE: >>>> Play ‘Voice of God’.

Voice of God

Crazy Cabbies

Game made for Global Game Jam 2015. Made in 48 hours using Unity 4.6.

Theme was “What do we do now?”, and so we jumped on the ‘we’ part of that.

Crazy Cabbies is inspired by Crazy Taxi by SEGA, except that each wheel is controlled individually. This is a game for 2-4 players, and so you must work together with your team mates to pickup and deliver your charges without running anyone over or crashing on the way!

You can download it from the Global Game Jam website here.

You can also read what I wrote about the experience on my blog.


Shades of One

Complete game made for Ludum Dare 28. Made within 48 hours using Construct2 .

Theme was ‘You Only Get One’, so I chose to do a game about the homogeneity of the video games industry and how you often only get one viewpoint.

Ludum Dare page with feedback from players can be found here. I also wrote a post-mortem on the game and my experience of Ludum dare in a blog post.

DIRECT LINK TO GAME HERE: >>>> Play ‘Shades of One‘ .

Shades of One

Main screenshot for ‘Shades of One’


(If you’re using a laptop, then plug it in – apparently this game runs slow when laptops are running on battery due to power saving options turning off graphics chips.)


Totally Guilty

A game made in 11 hours during the Global Gamecraft game jam (theme was ‘The Impact of Prism’. I did the writing for this. More details can be found in my blog posts: