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Emotions in Games (talk at LEGup)

Last night I gave a presentation on ‘Emotions in Games’ at the London Educational Games meetup (LEGup) at their website launch party (you can see the new website at I’ve also written an article for it’s opening which you can go straight to with this link.

Many thanks for those that gave me feedback on it. I hope it wasn’t too much info in the 5ish minutes that I was given, but I do hope it gave many people food for thought about games as an art form and how we can better design them.

As promised, you can find the slides/prezi that I used here: Emotions in Games Prezi.

I’ve written some notes on each slide because there was rather a lot of material I was trying to convey. My problem here was that I recently wrote my MA thesis on how ambiguity can be used to broaden and deepen emotional engagement within videogames, ┬áso trying to select and condense an 18,000 word essay into 5 minutes is a definite challenge!

Notes on slides below. Feedback welcome and appreciated.

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