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LD35 – Friendship

Another Ludum Dare and another playing around with a game prototype.

This time the jam’s theme was ‘shape shift’. I always like to try and go for a strange spin on these themes – it’s part of the fun and I like to do something different if I can.

So I homed in on how we ‘shape shift’ personally, when we’re with different people. At some point we’ve all not been 100% true to ourselves in order to impress or get along with other people for one reason or another – or just to make lots of friends and be popular. I wanted to try and model how cultivating lots of shallow friendships with people who are different from us actually isn’t a great way to live your life. That, generally, there is more satisfaction to be had from making more effort with fewer relationships.

It’s a little clumsy, with true designer/programmer art and certainly needs a lot of finesse (even if you don’t agree with my point). But hey – this is why game jams exist right?

You can play the game on my website here

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