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So, another year and another AdventureX – a point and click graphics adventure convention that’s in its fourth year (and which I’ve had the honour of attending from its small beginnings in its first year!). Despite losing the UEA London campus from last year (the building was sold), AdventureX has managed to retain a good central London location thanks to the help of Siobhan Thomas of LSBU.


Regrettably, with my new childcare duties I was only able to attend Saturday this year (as opposed to the Sunday as well), but it was still well worth showing up!

Nice selection of panels with some good topics chosen – branching narrative in adventure games (see my previous post which was sparked from it), decision-making in storygames and others.

You can see some of panels which were recorded on the AdventureX Facebook page actually, if you wanted to be there but couldn’t. The live stream wasn’t working on the day due to the flaky internet of LSBU, which was a shame since the denizens of the AGS forums (the original supporters and reason for AdventureX getting off the ground) are a fairly far-flung bunch.

I always find AdventureX inspiring and I always come round to it thinking, “Damn! I still haven’t started/made an adventure game yet! Got to sort that out!” The people there are great and it’s amazing to see a fair few people be so committed to the community of what is still a pretty niche genre. Award this year goes to Francisco Gonzalez (otherwise known as Grundislav) for coming all the way from USA!


For some reason, adventure games have always struck a chord with me. There are so many that I haven’t played – it’s not as though I have an encyclopedic knowledge of all the classics or the modern releases made in similar vein (many of which are made with Adventure Game StudioWadjetEye Games being of particular note). I think it’s because I grew up playing many of them as a child/teenager. My strongest memories of late childhood videogaming are of LucasArts adventure classics and the odd Sierra game (although I never got into the  “‘Quests“).

It’s a genre that I strongly feel peaked well before it’s time (notice how I’m reticent to say that ‘adventure games died‘, because, well, they didn’t!), and I’m glad there’s a subtle resurgence of them, with more and more independent developers finding themselves able to rely on them for a (however modest) living.

Maybe I’ll have something to exhibit next year. We’ll see…


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