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I’m in the top 11% overall for Ludum Dare 28!

So, the results from Ludum Dare 28 were published this week, and I really don’t think I did too badly!

This is my score table from the Ludum Dare website. ‘Coolness’ is a rating based off of how many other people’s games you played, ‘Theme’ is how original or interesting your take on the game jam theme was (which in this case was ‘You Only Get One’). Other categories are pretty self explanatory.

There were 1284 entries in total for the competition.

Coolness 55%
#37 Theme 3.91
#91 Audio 3.48
#117 Mood 3.47
#138 Overall 3.55
#349 Graphics 3.21
#357 Fun 3.06
#384 Innovation 3.06
#386 Humor 2.50

So I placed in the top third for all categories, very nearly in the top 10% for overall (I’m in the top 10.7%!) and in the top 3% for the ‘Theme’ category!

I’m really quite happy with that result since it’s my first solo game jam. To place in the top 10% for ANYTHING is pretty good for a first timer.

As ever, the real fun was had during the jam itself, with the real prize being that I conceived, made and completed a game within 48 hours. I enjoyed the exercise so much that I’ll be doing it again this weekend for mini-Ludum Dare.

I have already written a post-mortem for my entry, entitled ‘Shades of One‘.

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